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Wherever I and community weave a thing of beauty for the heart, mind and center in harmony.
The joy of home coming from the entrance hall is just the begin for anything magical and beautiful, to keep the fresh beat of the metropolitan life behind and benefit from the resort living environment of the Parc Clematis.The Community is obviously the central element connecting the numerous areas of Parc Clematis. Desire to was to adhere to the “Kampong Nature,” the Singaporeans'sensation of collectiveness, solidarity and internal harmony.
The look of the favorite features that shape the child-friendly neighborhood may be the consequence of some models in this enormous manufacturing of 1468 products in District 5. The scale may range between one to five items between 452 and 2669 sq. Leasing of the 24-story structure on the 99-story floor. Ft penthouses. Penthouses. Ft penthouse. Ft penthouses. The pents. -Penthouses. Pents. The 12 strata calculate 2,659 sq meters. Total of power. Power. Oh, hello, hey.
When preparing the challenge resorts and its bobbleheadwater companies, Parc Clematis is in the offing to entice youth and millenniums of individuals with minimalism. This draws respectable customers and contacts using its culture and the top of point facilities.
The region is able to consider almost 400,000 m2. For all men, Ft. has made houses. Huh, yeah. In addition to the home, you will find three small lap pools, a hydrotherapy share and a water therapy pool 50 michael from the creating and the greatest beach-inspired share in Singapore.
The 633,639 line. line. Cultivation. Cultivation. A sizable quantity of features are available through the entire home, including a 3-in-one multi-purpose living area, 3-in-one playroom, share, party hall, reception desk, etc. Huh, yeah. The creating also provides a children-friendly environment with numerous discretion services including a common workspace and a community kitchen. Several stylish pavilions of eateries like the Mediterranean and the Caribbean may also be present.
Where’s life in beauty
4 hip-designed tower houses,
Previous and popular technology
“Stay at the avant-garde seaside”
Wonderful scenery, a recreative washing share and Gear of residing
Exclusive monochromatic façade
Dull possibilities for prolonged mesh grid A fresh but quick architectural fashion
8b, 8c, 8d, 8e Stop
Easy and friendly exploration
System Developing with an creative meaning of Asian record
Reside in the pool for kids at the Family Hotel. Dining and other leisure services for people and disabled citizens alike. Eating pavilion.
Color scheme and construct of planet hues for a discreet and trendy exterior.
8, 8A, 8F Block
Principal and Perfect Valor
2 Tower prevents with an exceptional feel of sophistication.
50 michael Panel share and Rich Landscape Surroundings Platinum Seaside Residing
Polished information with a soft and enhanced noise placed on the façade.
6 & 6A Frame
Strata Houses: Terraces and Bungalows
Special 50 Michael Panel Share, Magnificent Parks, and surroundings of Lush Landscape spa.
The Resort Models Aspect To Carry Different Planet hues Architectural Experience
6 cottages & 12 terraces
Appreciate communal living with
Approx. 400,000SQ. Ft.of features
Jalan lempeng
Work out And separate a sweat Every thing is way better when there’s a see to Take it up a notch. The clubhouse services
Including the gymnasium and yoga studio offer views Overlooking the key pool. Whether it’s using A swim in the share or maintaining the adrenaline Working with a sweaty workout, luxuriate in Your leisure time anytime you desire.
Cool and Beautiful leisure
A dash in the pool, a soak in the jacuzzi -water refreshes the heart like no other.
At parc clematis (nerm, experience the relaxing Pleasures of one of many biggest freeform beach-inspired pools in town. Approximately 100m long, that resort-inspired landscape comes complete with jacuzzis and therapeutic Specialised pools. Whether you take a dip and swim a lap Or two; or lounge by pool soothing the day out, bask in the flexibility of choice and participate to your heart’s content.
Place to perform Time for pleasure
Strike the rhythm and start your senses
Music • games system • movie
Made for both small and the small in your mind, the public
Enjoy zone suits the recreational needs across every age.
From experiencing a round of pool to making a new arcade
Sport high-score, the space to boost and only enjoy
Is all yours to experience.
Room to cheer
Time for laughter
Social gatherings and meet-ups really are a breeze to program with this public living space.
With a capacity for 40 pax, the party hall is the ideal room for hosting parties, personal activities and actually a mini wedding reception.
Room to savour
Time for flavours
Have a chance at producing your very own
Culinary masterpiece at the communal kitchen place or make meals using your neighbour for town potluck. Maybe even organise a preparing opposition with buddies within the weekend.
The start plan style of the communal home room and its portable
Furniture provides you with the flexibility and flexibility to shift
According to your
Quick needs.
Space to experience Time for delicacies
Featuring special character and design, the styles of the different pavilions can take you on a journey round the world. Spend the time making and sipping on glasses of fragrant matcha at the japanese pavilion. Food pavilions with the initial styles of greenhouse and teppanyaki respectively sets the world for a sensorial discovery as you eat and delight to your heart’s content.
Room to get in touch
Time for convenience Pandan tank Vivocity Clementi mrt The clementi mall Westgate Jcube Jem Uwcsea Fairfield methodist major & secondary
School acjc Singapore polytechnic
School of Technology and Technology Nuh
Clementi coach interchange Clementi clementi nan hua Primary secondary major College school school
Biopolis where the most truly effective begins touching in to the continuing future of the second cbd
National school of singapore jurong river district Fusionopolis
Singapore polytechnicjurong gateway precinct Mediapolis Nan hua large schooljurong advancement area
In the center of every thing
Looking centers
The clementi mall
321 clementi
Jurong east mall (jem) imm looking middle westgate
The star vista
Education institutions
Nan hua major college clementi main college qifa major college
Pei tong main school
Clementi town extra college tanglin secondary college
College of technology and engineering nan hua senior high school
Nus senior school
Junior school
Anglo-chinese junior college eunoia junior school
Singapore polytechnic ngee ann polytechnic
National university of singapore singapore institute of administration
Western kindergarten
Western secondary college uwcsea
Life style
Clementi sports hall
Clementi ground
West coast sport hub west shore park
Organization / creativity: One-north biopolis
Fusionopolis jtc introduction station Mediapolis
Jurong lake region international business park jurong gateway
Jurong pond gardens
All pictures are impressions just
Thoughtful concern atlanta divorce attorneys style choice
Electrolux Fermax Grohe Kohler®• mitsubishi m electrical
Changes for the higher samsung
Sport room
Time for thrill
Designed for young adults and teenagers at large,
The park acts the dreams of recreational people of most ages.
From a discretion pool to the existing arcade
Large rating game, the subject for charging and enjoying
Is all you need to learn.
Range for celebration
Joking period
Neighborhood activities and workshops was an action to organize a group collecting space.
The celebration hall is the perfect venue for events, private functions and actually a tiny wedding party, with a space for forty guests.
Room to enjoy
Quality time Time
Visit the city kitchen to construct your own culinary development or to possess dinner for the potluck using your friend. Perhaps even the week-end will undoubtedly be planning a preparing match for colleagues.
The start concept arrangement and smartphone of the distributed home
Möbel presents you usefulness and ability to travel.
Commensurate with the specifications
Requirements practically.
Room to savor
Happiness Time
A decent discretion is good for the heart of peace and silence. You will want to get up for studying a good book
Room to listen. Time to learn. Discover the thematic restaurant pavilions as you eat with a difference.
Obtain Ease
Back again to Parc clematis (omf9x)
Appreciate time and ease in luxury. Including lifestyle amenities, essential to satisfy the requirements of modern metropolitan life.
From present educational establishments to the thrilling retail selection in the orchard searching road and the varied food world of the Holland community, like a move ahead of everyday life.
Picturesque attractions
All which are trying to find outside adventure in the middle of character will contemplate soothing possibilities in the Bukit Timah park, where you are able to discover and flee via a lush cool and exotic landscape.
The West Shore Park units the tone for quality household time and peace minutes whether you walk in the leafy darkness or picnic in the midst of lavish surroundings.
And pleasures outdoors.
Tower stop is prolonged from the first level landscape region, to overlook the low-level group to the landing area on the next floor.
By increasing the footprint of the system and putting each stop more out, more greeneries could be planted at the base of these prevents and offer a view of the countryside. Thus, the Parc Clematis Clementi and the neighbourhoods provide for improved sun and ventilation too.
Close to the main gateway on Jalan Lempeng would be the proposed second gate 1. The next side gate, found alongside Jalan Lmpeng, offers simple use of the popular Nan Hua major college, a few momemts from the Clematis Property estate. This trilinq comfortable home presents simple access. Clementi Avenue 6, with the bus end alongside Regent Park Residence, is situated at the 3rd and ultimate extra gate. The Clementi MRT end and Clementi Mall are also only 8 minutes walk away.
Parc Clematis SingHaiYi is an exclusive housing close to Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), that are easy to attain in Singapore and are located in a private enclave location. Clementi MRT is just a quick go from the growth on the East West MRT route.
In the aged land of Clementi Park Clematis Residence is conveniently situated. The location gives different solutions, such as for example Clementi Mall, City Vibes, 321 Clementi, Damp & Dry with Hawker hub.
Clematis park center travel
The architecture can be an easily practical transport middle for different locations. The stop is based at 2MRT to the Buona Vista MRT wherever Circle Monitor, Celebrity Vista, Biopolis and Fusionopolis are situated. The proposal can also be specifically associated with the bond between Raffles Position and City Hall. Just nearby is Clementi bus interchange. The Jurong East MRT place can also be a 1-stop stop from Jurong River District’s Clementi MRT station. In your spare time at Westgate, Jem, Jcube & IMM looking centers, you will have a fun time with family relations and friends.
Provide Jalan Lempeng House Training Center
The curriculum contains other successful colleges like Pei Tong Principal College, Clementi Principal & Extra College, ACS (I), NUS High College, United Earth School, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore’s National University.
Clematis Clementi Wellness Center Close Park
Most therapy centres and clinics just like the School Hospital, Ng Teng Feng Clinic and the Medical Center Jurong are a drive away.
The winner of Park West En-Bloc is Parc Clematis Sing Hai Yi. The home was bidden successfully for 841 million pounds, spending around 850 pounds psf per lot amount.
A set of prices accessible in New Jalan Lempeng condominium today! Register today to obtain the brand new inventions pricing improvements!
The construction of Park Clematis Property in adult house is just a blockbuster. Singhaiyi, former Park West Residence, has been successfully purchased and redeveloped in a eight story block, with eight terraces, four part terraces and six bungalows on 24 levels. The conventional kind of the home enables community housing with some 400,000 square legs of amenities. Typically the most popular residential prevents aren’t adjacent, the shortest difference for the entire progress from Blk 8A to Blk 8C is really a four hundred meters extended walk, separated by an big seaside share that guarantees optimum privacy.
Parc Clematis is located over the Jalan Lempeng in the biggest market of Area 05. The Clementi MRT Station and Buying Middle is really a rapid 8-minute walk from the building. Public transfer is easily offered to residents, with a included url to Clementi MRT via Cascadia and from Door to Coach End B3. There will also be an availability connection to the AYE Bus end B1 via area gate F. For the positioning of the medial side opportunities you can connect to the Parc Clematis internet site schedule.
Clementi Park is easily linked to other aspects of Singapore through the Yesterday Rajah Expressway (AYE). Such as, Parc Clematis Condominium Position is 1 km of the construction of a regional effective school, such as for instance Nan Hua elementary school.
Dover MRT Place Jurong East MRT Station Neighboring MRT Programs Clementi
Greater Training IMM Westgate Buying Stores Clementi Shopping Hub
Qifa Extra School of Nan Hua High School Clementi
There are many than 40 forms to choose from, the other distinctive features about this manufacturing! Regardless of whether you are remaining in your own home, you are simple to the muti age, you or your household require an Expense 1/2 bedders, Parc Clematis Condominium includes a special layout!

#ThisisSG: 7,000 old tennis balls were repurposed thru Yellowship— a community initiative by 15-y/o Vihaan Iyer. The balls were upcycled in creative & meaningful ways such as physiotherapy aids for migrant workers, tripod supports for film crews & toys for shelter dogs! 🎾🎥🐕

#ThisisSG: A diving trip sparked a passion for marine conservation & drove Samantha Thian to create Seastainable Co.. Since 2017, they’ve directly contributed over $30,000 to conservation projects throughout SEA. Watch the video to find out more! 🌊 🐋 🥤

#ThisisSG: >194,000 plastic blisters collected thru #Project2x2. Started by contact lens company Two of a Kind & Tay Paper Recycling in Oct 2019, the initiative repurposes the blister for other applications such as industrial piping, car interiors & household fittings. 👀♻️🌏

#ThisisSG: 750 journal kits were designed & distributed to inpatients at IMH SG in July thru doctoral student Jonathan Kuek. An IMH volunteer, Kuek decided to share the comfort he found thru journaling w patients who needed a healthy outlet to express emotions & feelings. 📓✍️😌

#ThisisSG: >800 handmade cards were delivered to senior citizens in nursing homes thru "Hey, You Got Mail!". The project was started to counter the effects of social isolation & evolved into an initiative that reminds the elderly that they are not alone, nor forgotten. 👵🏻💌✍️

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The 9th PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards (Singapore) awarded to Parc Clematis

Special Recognition for Building Community
WINNER: SingHaiyi Group Ltd

Best Mega Scale Condo Development
WINNER: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Strata Housing Landscape Architectural Design
WINNER: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Strata Housing Interior Design
WINNER: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Universal Design Development
WINNER: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Mega Scale Condo Architectural Design
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Strata Housing Development
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Strata Housing Architectural Design
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Condo Interior Design
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

Best Mega Scale Condo Landscape Architectural Design
HIGHLY COMMENDED: Parc Clematis by Sing-Haiyi Gold Pte Ltd

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