Floor Plan


Where’s life in splendor
4 hip-designed system properties,
Previous and popular era
“Live at the avant-garde beach”
Wonderful scenery, a recreative bathing share and Gear of living
Distinctive single façade
Dull opportunities for expanded mesh grid A new but quick architectural design
8b, 8c, 8d, 8e Block
Simple and friendly exploration
Tower Building having an creative meaning of Asian history
Are now living in the share for children at the Household Hotel. Food and other leisure companies for people and impaired people alike. Food pavilion.
Shade palette and build of world sounds for a subtle and stylish exterior.
8, 8A, 8F Stop
Principal and Perfect Valor
2 System blocks with a unique feel of sophistication.
50 m Lap share and Lavish Landscape Surroundings Platinum Seaside Living
Processed information with a smooth and sophisticated sound put on the façade.
6 & 6A Frame
Strata Houses: Terraces and Bungalows
Special 50 Michael Panel Share, Luxurious Areas, and environments of Rich Scenery spa.
The Resort Types Ambience To Lift Different Planet sounds Architectural Experience
6 cottages & 12 terraces
Enjoy communal managing
Approx. 400,000SQ. Ft.of facilities
Jalan lempeng
Work out And separate a sweat Everything is better when there exists a view to Take it up a notch. The club features
Including the fitness center and yoga studio provide opinions Overlooking the main pool. Whether it’s getting A dip in the pool or keeping the adrenaline Putting with a exhausted workout, luxuriate in Your discretion time any time you desire.
Cool and Wonderful leisure
A dash in the share, a bathe in the jacuzzi -water refreshes the soul like number other.
At parc clematis (nerm, go through the stimulating Wonders of among the biggest freeform beach-inspired pools in town. Approximately 100m long, that resort-inspired landscape comes detailed with jacuzzis and healing Specialised pools. Whether you take a dip and move a lap Or two; or lounge by pool relaxing the afternoon out, bask in the flexibility of preference and enjoy to your heart’s content.
Room to play Time for excitement
Attack the flow and open up your feelings
Music • games system • movie
Created for both the young and the small in your mind, the communal
Play zone provides the recreational needs across every age.
From experiencing a circular of share to creating a new arcade
Sport high-score, the room to charge and only play
Is all yours to experience.
Space to encourage
Time for laughter
Social events and meet-ups really are a wind to plan with this specific public residing space.
With a capacity for 40 pax, the celebration hall is the ideal space for hosting parties, personal activities and also a little wedding reception.
Place to savour
Time for flavours
Have a go at making your very own
Culinary masterpiece at the public home place or produce a meal together with your neighbour for the community potluck. Possibly even organise a cooking competition with buddies on the weekend.
The open approach style of the communal home place and its portable
Furniture provides you with the freedom and versatility to move
According to your
Quick needs.
Space to experience Time for delicacies
Offering unique identity and design, the subjects of the different pavilions can take you on a journey around the world. Invest the time creating and sampling on cups of aromatic matcha at the japanese pavilion. Food pavilions with the initial themes of greenhouse and teppanyaki respectively pieces the world for a sensorial discovery when you dine and joy to your heart’s content.
Space to get in touchTime for convenience Pandan reservoir Vivocity Clementi mrt The clementi mall Westgate Jcube Jem Uwcsea Fairfield methodist major & secondary
School acjc Singapore polytechnic
School of Science and Engineering Nuh
Clementi coach interchange Clementi clementi nan hua Major secondary principal College college school
Biopolis where the utmost effective begins going into the continuing future of the second cbd
National college of singapore jurong sea region Fusionopolis
Singapore polytechnicjurong gateway precinct Mediapolis Nan hua large schooljurong development area
In the center of every thing
Shopping malls
The clementi mall
321 clementi
Jurong east mall (jem) imm buying middle westgate
The star vista
Education institutions
Nan hua main college clementi principal college qifa principal school
Pei tong main college
Clementi community extra school tanglin extra college
College of technology and engineering nan hua high school
Nus senior school
Junior university
Anglo-chinese junior college eunoia junior university
Singapore polytechnic ngee ann polytechnic
National college of singapore singapore institute of management
Japanese kindergarten
Western extra school uwcsea
Clementi activities hall
Clementi stadium
West coast recreation center west coast park
Organization / invention: One-north biopolis
Fusionopolis jtc release station Mediapolis
Jurong river area international company park jurong gateway
Jurong lake gardens
All photographs are thoughts only
Thoughtful consideration in most design decision
Electrolux Fermax Grohe Kohler®• mitsubishi michael electrical
Improvements for the higher samsung
Sport space
Time for joy
Made for young people and young adults at large,
The park acts the wishes of recreational people of ages.
From the discretion share to the existing arcade
High score game, the field for charging and playing
Is all you’ve got to learn.
Scope for celebration
Laughing period
Neighborhood events and workshops was an action to organize friends getting space.
The party hall is the best area for gatherings, private functions and even a small wedding celebration, with an area for forty guests.
Room to savor
Flavor time Period
Go to the city home to build your personal culinary formation or to own meal for the potluck together with your friend. Possibly even the weekend will soon be planning for a preparing contest for colleagues.
The open principle arrangement and smartphone of the provided home
Möbel presents you flexibility and capability to travel.
Consistent with the requirements
Needs practically.
Space to savor
Pleasure Period
A good discretion is wonderful for the soul of peace and silence. Why not get up for studying a good book
Room to listen. Time and energy to learn. Uncover the thematic restaurant pavilions as you dine with a difference.
Get Comfort
Back once again to Parc clematis (omf9x)
Appreciate time and comfort in luxury. Including life style amenities, important to meet the requirements of contemporary downtown life.
From current academic establishments to the exciting retail variety in the orchard buying street and the diverse food world of the Holland village, like a shift before daily life.
Scenic attractions
All which can be searching for outside sport in the center of nature can contemplate relaxing opportunities in the Bukit Timah park, where you could investigate and flee via a rich cool and hawaiian landscape.
The West Coast Park sets the tone for quality family time and peace moments whether you walk in the leafy darkness or picnic in the midst of lavish surroundings.
And joys outdoors.
Wherever I and community weave a masterpiece of design for the soul, mind and center in harmony.
The pleasure of house from the entrance corridor is merely the begin for anything mysterious and lovely, to keep the fresh beat of the downtown life behind and enjoy the resort residing atmosphere of the Parc Clematis.
The Neighborhood is obviously the main element connecting the numerous areas of Parc Clematis. Desire to was to stick to the “Kampong Soul,” the Singaporeans'sensation of collectiveness, solidarity and inner harmony.
The look of the most popular features that form the child-friendly neighborhood could be the consequence of some designs in that large generation of 1468 units in Region 5. The degree can range between someone to five devices between 452 and 2669 sq. Leasing of the 24-story structure on the 99-story floor. Ft penthouses. Penthouses. Ft penthouse. Foot penthouses. The pents. -Penthouses. Pents. The 12 strata measure 2,659 sq meters. Total of power. Power. Oh, hey, hey.
When preparing the task resorts and its nielsthomas1 services, Parc Clematis is planned to attract childhood and millenniums of men and women with minimalism. And also this pulls respectable customers and affiliates with its tradition and the top of range facilities.
The area can consider almost 400,000 m2. For most guys, Ft. has created houses. Huh, yeah. Apart from the home, you’ll find three tiny lap pools, a hydrotherapy share and a water treatment pool 50 michael from the making and the largest beach-inspired share in Singapore.
The 633,639 line. line. Cultivation. Cultivation. A big number of features can be found through the entire house, including a 3-in-one multi-purpose dining room, 3-in-one playroom, share, party corridor, reception table, etc. Huh, yeah. The making also offers a children-friendly atmosphere with numerous leisure facilities including a common workspace and a residential area kitchen. Several trendy pavilions of eateries just like the Mediterranean and the Caribbean may also be present.
The newest En-Bloc construction by SingHaiYi in District 05 along Jalan Lempeng AYE and Clementi Ave. 6 is situated opposite Faber arrived House location. Parc Clematis is just a condominium (formerly known as the Park European condominium)
It’ll include nine 24-story residential unity system blocks, six items of two-story levels of bungalows and 12 semi-detached products with 2 story levels and a total of 1468 units. Numerous options will be created for the house, from 1 to 5 bedroom apartments.
The 2-story Strata Landing Houses stand along Jalan Lempeng, far from the initial Faber Landing Landscape and along the west of Regent Park to produce a arrived region on the south of the city. There’s also two advanced blocks consisting of 5 top quality units with large balconies.
In north-south path, most of the system blocks of Parc Clematis are prepared to avoid a primary westerly orientation to the sun. The prevents of the system often build a buffer to boost the safety of each system in order to prevent a wall-like impact.
Tower stop is prolonged from the first stage landscape place, to neglect the low-level bunch to the landing region on the next floor.
By increasing the impact of the tower and putting each block more out, more greeneries can be planted at the beds base of these blocks and provide a view of the countryside. Thus, the Parc Clematis Clementi and the neighbourhoods provide for improved sun and ventilation too.
Close to the main gate way on Jalan Lempeng would be the planned second entrance 1. The next area entrance, based alongside Jalan Lmpeng, presents easy use of the famous Nan Hua principal school, a few momemts from the Clematis Condominium estate. That trilinq cozy house offers simple access. Clementi Avenue 6, with the bus end alongside Regent Park House, is located at the next and final extra gate. The Clementi MRT end and Clementi Mall may also be only 8 moments walk away.
Parc Clematis SingHaiYi is an exclusive housing near Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE), which are easy to reach in Singapore and are situated in a private enclave location. Clementi MRT is just a rapid go from the growth on the East West MRT route.
In the aged area of Clementi Park Clematis House is easily situated. The place gives different services, such as for example Clementi Mall, Town Feelings, 321 Clementi, Damp & Dried with Hawker hub.
Clematis park center journey
The architecture is definitely an easily useful transport middle for different locations. The station is based at 2MRT to the Buona Vista MRT where Circle Track, Celebrity Vista, Biopolis and Fusionopolis are situated. The proposal is also exclusively connected to the bond between Raffles Place and Town Hall. Only next door is Clementi bus interchange. The Jurong East MRT section can be a 1-stop section from Jurong Lake District’s Clementi MRT station. In your time at Westgate, Jem, Jcube & IMM searching centers, you can have a great time with relatives and friends.
Present Jalan Lempeng Residence Training Center
The curriculum contains different effective colleges like Pei Tong Principal College, Clementi Principal & Secondary College, ACS (I), NUS Large College, United World University, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Singapore’s National University.
Clematis Clementi Wellness Middle Close Park
Most treatment centres and establishments just like the School Clinic, Ng Teng Feng Hospital and the Medical Center Jurong are a drive away.
The success of Park West En-Bloc is Parc Clematis Sing Hai Yi. The property was bidden efficiently for 841 million dollars, paying around 850 pounds psf per lot amount.
A set of charges available in New Jalan Lempeng condominium today! Enroll today to obtain the newest improvements pricing revisions!
The structure of Park Clematis Condominium in mature property is just a blockbuster. Singhaiyi, former Park West House, has been properly purchased and redeveloped in a seven story block, with seven terraces, four place terraces and six bungalows on 24 levels. The typical form of the house allows community housing with some 400,000 square feet of amenities. Typically the most popular residential blocks are not adjoining, the shortest difference for your growth from Blk 8A to Blk 8C is just a four hundred meters long walk, divided by an large seaside pool that ensures perfect privacy.
Parc Clematis is situated along the Jalan Lempeng in the center of Area 05. The Clementi MRT Place and Shopping Middle is a rapid 8-minute walk from the building. Community transport is easily available to people, with a covered url to Clementi MRT via Cascadia and from Door to Coach End B3. There is likewise an accessibility link with the AYE Coach end B1 via area entrance F. For the career of the side opportunities you are able to link to the Parc Clematis web site schedule.
Clementi Park is easily linked to different regions of Singapore through the Yesterday Rajah Expressway (AYE). Most notably, Parc Clematis Condominium Position is 1 km of the structure of a regional effective school, such as for example Nan Hua elementary school.
Dover MRT Section Jurong East MRT Station Neighboring MRT Stations Clementi
Better Training IMM Westgate Buying Stores Clementi Searching Centre
Qifa Extra College of Nan Hua Large College Clementi
There are many than 40 forms to pick from, one other unique functions about this generation! Irrespective of if you are remaining in your own home, you’re simple to the muti era, you or your family require an Expense 1/2 bedders, Parc Clematis Condominium features a special format!
The kindred lifestyle community Where self and community comes together In harmony, weaving a work of art
For the soul, for the mind and heart
Leave the frenetic pace of modern life behind and embrace the resort living ambience of parc clematis (smop9m). From the grand entrance to the lobby, the pleasure Of homecoming is just the beginning of something great and beautiful. A stylish first Impression is a given
Enjoy communal living with Approx. 400,000 Sq. Ft. Of facilities
lawn 1 (reading lawn)
rain garden
community garden
rain spa pavilion
lawn 3 (stargazing lawn)
pavilion study 1 (chillax corner 1)
pavilion study 2 (chillax corner 2) i sky garden (block 8e @ 24th storey)
lawn 2 (picnic lawn)
dining deck
jacuzzi alcove 1
jacuzzi alcove 2
aquatherapy pool
Reflexology garden
hydrotherapy pool
dining pavilion (tea place)
pavilion (study / lounge 1)
pavilion (study / lounge 2)
water features 1
water features 2
water features 3
clubhouse 1 (reading room)
changing room & steam room
laundry pavilion
pool deck
pool deck 2
50m lap pool 1
pool deck 3
50m lap pool 2 e) pool deck 4
50m lap pool 3 ® pool deck 5
courtyard pavilion (clematis pavilion)
pavilion (pet’s playground)
1t1;) pet lawn
clubhouse 2 (chef’s kitchen)
clubhouse 3 (celebration hall)
dining pavilion (mediterranean 1)
dining pavilion (mediterranean 2)
dining pavilion (caribbean)
dining pavilion (greenhouse)
dining pavilion (teppanyaki) 2 dining pavilion (wok it)
toddler play pool
Cid kids’ water play
pavilion kids portable bbq
(kids’ playhouse)
clubhouse 4 @ ll
(multi-purpose entertainment
Room : music / games console / movie)
Clubhouse 4 @ ll (multi-purpose games room)
A) clubhouse 5 @ l2 (gym)
clubhouse 5 @ l2
(dance studio)
playground 1 (aquatic themed)
main pool (beach pool)
tennis court
multi-purpose court
outdoor fitness 1
outdoor fitness 2
pavilion sport (sports arena)
camping garden
playground 2 (inclusive) (i) playground 3 (zoo themed)
Work out And break a sweat Everything is better when there’s a view to Take it up a notch. The clubhouse facilities Such as the gym and yoga studio boast views Overlooking the main pool. Whether it’s taking A dip in the pool or keeping the adrenaline Pumping with a sweaty workout, luxuriate in Your leisure time anytime you desire.
Cool and Delightful leisure A splash in the pool, a soak in the jacuzzi -water refreshes the soul like no other. At parc clematis (nerm, experience the refreshing Delights of one of the largest freeform beach-inspired pools in town. Approximately 100m in length, this resort-inspired landscape comes complete with jacuzzis and therapeutic Specialised pools. Whether you take a dip and swim a lap Or two; or lounge by pool relaxing the day away, bask in the freedom of choice and indulge to your heart’s content.
Space to play
Time for excitement
Artist’s impression
Hit the rhythm and open up your senses
Lsic • games console • movie
Designed for both the young and the young at heart, the communal
Play zone caters to the recreational needs across every age.
From enjoying a round of pool to creating a new arcade
Game high-score, the space to recharge and just play
Is all yours to experience.
Space to cheer
Time for laughter
Social gatherings and meet-ups are a breeze to plan with this communal living space.
With a capacity for 40 pax, the celebration hall is the ideal space for hosting parties, private celebrations and even a mini wedding reception.
Space to savour
Time for flavours
Have a go at creating your very own culinary masterpiece at the communal kitchen space or make a meal together with your neighbour for the community potluck. Maybe even organise a cooking competition with friends over the weekend.
The open plan design of the communal kitchen space and its portable furniture gives you the freedom
And versatility to relocate
According to your
Immediate needs.
One-north kent ridge education & medical belt jurong
Lake District The crop In the business world
Where the very best begins tapping into the future of the 2nd cbd
Biopolis National university of singapore jurong lake district
Fusionopolis Singapore polytechnic jurong gateway precinct
Mediapolis Nan hua high school jurong innovation district
School of science and technology, singapore (sst)
National university of singapore (nus)
Bright minds
From primary schools to tertiary education, well-established education institutions are firmly in place surrounding
Parc clematis (em. Primary schools such as
Nan hua primary school and fairfield methodist primary school are among the top popular schools.
There are top-notch secondary schools such as nus high school, nan hua high school, and fairfield methodist secondary school; while tertiary level includes singapore polytechnic,
Ngee ann polytechnic, anglo-chinese junior college
And singapore institute of management (sim).
The clementi mall Anglo-chinese Junior college (acjc) Exciting Retail Therapy
Living at parc clematis (smerilm) is a breezy
Affair where retail variety is easily within reach. The clementi mall is within walking distance
With close proximity to jurong shopping malls such as jem, westgate and jcube. Plus, it only takes a 10 minute drive to reach the world-famous shopping destination of orchard road.
5br 2 – h (#24 – 09) 5br 2 – h (#24 – 11) 5br 1 – h (#24 – 13) 5br 1 – h (#24 – 15)
5br 2 (#23 – 09) 5br 2 (#23 – 11) 5br 1 (#23 – 13) 5br 1 (#23 – 15)
5br 2 (#22 – 09) 5br 2 (#22 – 11) 5br 1 (#22 – 13) 5br 1 (#22 – 15)
5br 2 (#21 – 09) 5br 2 (#21 – 11) 5br 1 (#21 – 13) 5br 1 (#21 – 15)
5br 2 (#20 – 09) 5br 2 (#20 – 11) 5br 1 (#20 – 13) 5br 1 (#20 – 15)
5br 2 (#19 – 09) 5br 2 (#19 – 11) 5br 1 (#19 – 13) 5br 1 (#19 – 15)
5br 2 (#18 – 09) 5br 2 (#18 – 11) 5br 1 (#18 – 13) 5br 1 (#18 – 15)
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br – 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
3br 6 2br – 4 2br – 4 3br – 6 3br – 5 2br – 5 2br – 5 3br – 5
Line of aluminium fin
@ 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th &
22nd storey
Staggered window
@ 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th 20th & 22nd storey
Line of aluminium fin
@ 6th, 10th, 14th, 18th & v
22nd storey 117
Ac Ledge Master Bedroom Master Bath Iii Aluminium fin Staggered window
2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 18th 20th & 22nd storey
Staggered window @ 3rd 5th 7th 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st & 23rd storey
Staggered window
@ 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st & 23rd storey
F- fridge db- disbittutkm board sr- storage w- wather cum myer [7’1 only appicable to filth void
Ucf- under counter ridge wic – under counterwine chier
Ai planate aibjected asmay be approved by relevant authorities roar areasare appermknate mearerementsand are rebjected to foal envoy.
Lie balcony shal not be enclosed unierewith the approved screen. For luaration of the approved balcony screen, please referto annecure 1 of this brochure.
F – fridge db- dislobution bernd st- storage w- wadrer & myer _,.. Only appicable to high void
Lw c f – under counter ridge wic – under counterwine chier
Al piansate srojected asmay be approved by relevant authorities roorateasare appocenate measeementsand are srojected to creel retvey.
Lie balcony shat not be enclosed unlerewith the approved rereen. For susbabon of the approved balcony screen, please referto annexure 1 of thisbrechme.
Smart home living
Future expansions
Lifestyle services masterclasses
Smart intercom
facility booking
Visitor registration
Cleo car plate recognition
Plug voice
Control camera and more…
11. Tv/telephone/data points c. Wardrobes
Refer to electrical schedule for details wardrobe to all bedrooms except 3br bedroom 3 and 4brp 1 bedroom 4
12. Lightning protection
Lightning protection system shall be provided in accordance with current edition of singapore standard ss555: 2018
13. Painting
A. External wall
B. Internal wall spray textured coating and/ or emulsion paint and/ or other approved exterior paint
Emulsion paint
14. Waterproofing
Where applicable, appropriate waterproofing systems are provided for bathrooms, kitchen, toilets, wet kitchen/kitchen, balcony, landscaped deck, open terraces,planter box, reinforced concrete flat/sloping roofs, pools, water features, changing rooms, common toilets and basements. Appropriate waterproofing systems are provided where applicable
15. Driveway and car park
Interlocking pavers and/or cobblestones and/or concrete floors with hardener are provided at driveways and carpark areas
16. Recreation facilities
1) lawn
2) rain garden
3) community garden
4) rain spa pavilion
5) cabana
6) dining deck
7) pavilion
8) jacuzzi alcove
9) aquatherapy pool
10) reflexology garden
11) hydrotherapy pool
12) dining pavilion
13) water features
14) clubhouse
15) changing room & steam room
16) laundry pavilion
17) pool deck
18) 50m lap pool
19) courtyard pavilion
20) pet lawn
21) toddler play pool
22) kids’ water play
23) pavilion kids portable bbq
24) playground
25) main pool
26) tennis court
27) multi-purpose court
28) outdoor fitness
29) pavilion sports
30) camping garden
B. Kitchen appliances
Telescopic hood,
Built-in induction hob (where applicable), built-in gas hob (where applicable),
Built-in microwave oven (where applicable), built-in convention oven (where applicable), undercounter refrigerator (where applicable), refrigerator
Washer cum dryer
Wine chiller (where applicable)

#2020 was tough, but we’ve proven that we're tougher.

As we mark the holidays, we draw strength for a better #2021 from our seniors. Thru their examples of passion and tenacity amid adversity, we know we can overcome. Because #ThisisSG.⠀

#PassionMadePossible #StrongerTogether

2020. A year unlike any other. As we look forward to a new phase, a new year, let us also look back and remember how we took on a challenging year with love, with courage, and with passion. This is our 2020. #ThisisSG.

#Singapore #PassionMadePossible #StrongerTogether

#ThisisSG: 8 products invented by creative agency STUCK in response to #COVID19. Most notable is the Parashield: a flexible, light-weight & low-cost shield that challenges the heavy shields currently in use. Their designs are free for use under the #COVID19 Open License. 👩🏻⚕️🏥💓

#ThisisSG: 418 medical requests— including accompanying seniors to medical appts & collecting medications on their behalf — were facilitated via SG Assist, a mobile app which crowdsources volunteers, or Kampong Heroes, to assist. Keeping the Kampung spirit going! 🙆🏻♀️📱👨👨👧

#ThisisSG: 1,206 orders made thru Halal with Hew, an online ordering platform for Halal home-based F&B businesses, launched in Apr by Shane & Junisa to help HBBs during #circuitbreaker. Encouraged by positive response, they plan to add hawkers & restaurants soon! 🥡🥘🤤

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📍Wide Range of Size Selection
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📍8 Mins Stroll to Clementi MRT
📍1 km Proximity to Popular Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Schools & University - Educational Hub
📍Abundance of Amenities
📍Transportation Hub
📍Medical Hub
📍Center of Exciting Development between Jurong Innovation District, 2nd CBD & One North
📍Renowned Developer SingHaiYi
📍 Award Winning Global Architect
📍633,639 sqft Site Area
📍Luxurious Living Space
📍Pent Up Demand on Clementi

⭐ 1468 units
⭐ 9 towers of 24 storeys
⭐ 8 strata Terraces
⭐ 4 strata Corner Terraces
⭐ 6 strata Bungalows
⭐ 99 years leasehold

Various Unit Mix in Sqft
1⃣ bedroom 452-710 Sqft
2⃣ bedroom 689- 893 Sqft
2⃣ bedroom Dual Key 670-861 Sqft
2⃣ bedroom + Study 742.7 Sqft
3⃣ bedroom 861-1,076 Sqft
3⃣ bedroom Dual Key 969-1,216 Sqft
3⃣ bedroom Premium 1,044-1,259 Sqft
4⃣ bedroom 1,238-1,475 Sqft
4⃣ bedroom Premium 1,292-1,744 Sqft
5⃣ bedroom 1,636-1,970 Sqft
5⃣ bedroom Premium 1,712-1,981 Sqft
🏢 Penthouses 1,991-2,670 Sqft
🏡Corner Terrace 3,466 Sqft
🏠 Terrace 2,659 Sqft
🏘 Bungalow 3,832 Sqft


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